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20 February 2006 @ 03:26 pm
((Sorry I've been MIA... been really busy and stuffs))

Ashura got tired hiding in the back of the room near the hearth. As soon as the guards picked up something and left she made her way to the stairway to go up to her room. However, she did pause long enough to listen to the gnomes rant, and then step aside as he made his way up the stairs.

She followed close behind him until they made it to the hall and she pulled out her key.

"Interesting words. I have to agree, but I uh," She shrugged. "I guess I wouldn't have been so blunt." Her attention was more focused on matching the number on one of the doors with her key.
20 February 2006 @ 02:14 pm
"Hmph." Well, if they're not gonna play along, then I guess I don't need the illusion anymore. Is everyone in this place morose and unamusing?

"Y'know, I expected more out of Archendale than a depressing melody and a half-hearted striptease," he said, to no one in particular. "And am I the only one who thinks that that dancer's little more'n a prostitute? I mean, her little performance got her more than enough coin to pay for her own room and board for a tenday, yet she still tried her 'innocent little girl' routine which nobody bought so she could snag a free room and dinner with the Shell-guy in exchange for a little bedtime fun. Last I checked, compensation for sex equals prostitution, right? I didn't step into a portal to Calimport or Luskan, did I? Sheesh. My mother's cousin's son-in-law's sister's husband is a respectable bard in the Silver Marches, and you'd never catch him shacking up with a woman he just met five minutes ago. By Baervan's bristly brow, that girl needs to learn self-control. Am I right, or what?"

Upon hearing little more than grumbles and/or mumbles in response ((unless anyone else has something to say, that is)), he drops a few more coins on the bar for the drink and a room, and heads up the stairs.

((***Warning: I'm about to go on a little rant here, and I mean no personal offense to anyone.*** Hopefully this will encourage some form of interaction amongst those of us who have yet to adjourn to our rooms, because it's going to be very difficult for us to be cohesive as an adventuring group if we are forced to work together by circumstance rather than getting acquainted with one another prior to the start of any adventure. Now don't get me wrong, I have nothing against the mysterious, antisocial character archetype; I just have a problem when the majority of the group is a mysterious, antisocial character archetype. If you have a personality beyond the dour and enigmatic facade you put up, then by all means, show it. For cryin' out loud, we're in the middle of the Dales in a tavern run by Holfast Harpenshield, who is renown for the aid he gives to good adventurers and for the manner in which he deals with unruly Zhentarim or Sembian merchants who cause undue ruckus in his place; we're not in Thay or Unther, so you can feel free to express yourself without fear of reprisal (unless, or course, your natural inclination is to go on a bloody, murderous rampage and/or steal anything that's not bolted down).

There. I'm done. Like I said, I don't mean to offend, and if I did, I apologize; I just get annoyed when everyone's off in their own little corner of the bar ignoring anything that doesn't involve them. Please, let's interact. Otherwise, there's no point in having this game.))
15 February 2006 @ 04:33 pm
Once all was settled, and with his purse a few coins lighter, Eilil bid goodnight to the innkeeper. He closed his purse, retrieved his instrument, and turned back to his dinner companion. "Shall we, then?" Giving a final, faint bow, he offered his arm and led the way to his room.

((*hugs* Guess we just kind of leave them there, then. When I get back we'll discuss what they talked about so I know what, exactly, he would and wouldn't know, ne? ^_^ Phew... 30 minutes left. *bounces in her chair*))
15 February 2006 @ 03:52 pm
Kayla took a few moments to transfer the night's earnings from one boot to a pouch tucked into her pack, then slipped the boots back on and donned the overlarge tunic once again. Hefting her pack, she followed the bard with a return of her earlier timidity. I've been spoiled, she thought with an internal grimace. It's been months since I even witnessed discussion with an inkeeper. Mourning the loss of the luxury she was accustomed to, Kayla stopped a discreet distance from the bard and waited for him to finish negotiations and lead her to his room.
15 February 2006 @ 03:46 pm
"I'm certain that such can be arranged easily enough." He tipped his hat with a slight bow to dismiss himself and made his way through the tables to see that two meals could be sent to his room. Given his situation, and the amount of coin he would otherwise not have gained had it not been for the lady's performance, he felt comfortable ordering one of the better fares the establishment offered.

((That would be quite lovely. Thank you! A way to keep things flowing is MUCH appreciated, as I certainly didn't want to kill the game for a week. *hugs* Yay! So basically a post or two more and the two will be sitting in said NPC corner for a while. *laughs*))
15 February 2006 @ 03:25 pm
Well, this is going well, Kayla thought. The irony was that she was actually interested in hearing him play again, if this was a substandard performance for him. "A warm meal and a chance to rest my legs would be welcome indeed," she replied with a smile. "Shall we dine in the common room, or do you suppose we could get it served in your room?"

((Since you're going out of town for a few days, may I suggest that his room would get both characters in the NPC corner so they're not frozen in time around everyone else? That way Ashura and the gnome would have a chance to maybe do some interracting with the elf, if she steps out of the NPC corner, and with Cat's character when she gets one made.))
15 February 2006 @ 02:42 pm
Eilil chuckled softly, stepping away once more and pushing the stool he had used back against a wall. Would be no ill fate for me were she to 'come out on top' in such a tossle. He adjusted his hat and clasped his conch shell in his left hand, the fingers curled into the shell so that there was little chance that he would drop the delicate instrument. Needs must I remember, though, that one must be wary when docking one's ship in unknown harbors.

With a smile, he turned to face Kayla. His eyes were only allowed a moment to rove her form before they focused on her own. "I hope that I might show thee my true mettle when next we perform together, then. I admit that I did not perform my best this eve." He shook his head slightly. "But enough of performences for the time. We have earned our coin for the evening, and a warm meal would do well to remove the chill of the evening. Wouldst dine with me?"

((I'm just going to say he saw the lights actually take that form, and is making a good show of paying them no heed, unless they decide do more or in some way make themselves conspicuous. ^^; He has other things on his mind, after all.))

((Oh, and yea, can you tell I've always sucked at the olde english? Tell me if I suck so hard that you ever decide you want me to stop using it. I've tried again and again to use terms/words correctly, but I seem to continually fail.))
15 February 2006 @ 11:35 am
Kayla winced internally as she realized that the bard had seen through her attempt at being innocent. Shouldn't have tried that after dancing so freely. Looks like he took the bait even knowing that that's what it was, so I shouldn't complain. Curse those drow for ruining things for me! She took her borrowed tunic from him, ignoring the glowing figure mimicing her and not making eye contact. Best not to try to push things...not after that fumble. How to salvage...well, may as well go with the flow. She glanced at him sidelong as she retrieved her clumsy pack from the corner, then smiled and swung her hair over her shoulder so that it formed a golden curtain hiding most of her body from view. "Then, Bard Eilil’athshor, I would be interested to see which of us would come out on top in a more...private performance." A motion behind the veiling hair hinted at hip motions and made the offer unmistakeable.
14 February 2006 @ 09:06 pm
((First, the map of the lovely town of Ashabenford, in which the action is taking place:


Second, Clay seems to have abdicated and given me ownership of the community. o.o So I officially announce Ami-Cat, who he approved just before he handed it over to me...she should be making an intro post soon.

I'm still looking for someone with a plot to actually run this game somewhat. :p))